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"I moved to Benton in 1978 as a second grader, and Dr. Phelan has been taking excellent care of my teeth ever since.  Dr. Phelan is a wonderful dentist.  He takes the time to get to know his patients, tries his best to make them feel comfortable and is always smiling.  He loves being a dentist, and it shows! I lived in San Antonio, Texas for eight years and continued to see Dr. Phelan.  I just couldn’t go to another dentist! Coming back to his office was like coming home to family. Dr. Phelan is the only dentist my children have ever known.  He and his amazing staff have been kind, very patient and calmed any fears my kids had.  My children may not be thrilled by a dental appointment, but they are very comfortable there and not afraid. We all love Dr. Phelan and his awesome staff!  Thank you for keeping our smiles white and healthy!"
By: Misty Martin Dunn

"Dr. Phelan was initially recommended to me by a co-worker who had nothing but great things to say about him. After my first visit, I could definitely understand why! After I raved about him, my husband John began seeing him too, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Over the past 2 years we have both had quite a bit of dental work. I chose to have a “smile makeover” while John’s was a bit more intense. Because he never had braces as a child, he needed some extensive crowning. It was a long, arduous process involving many, many hours in Dr. Phelan’s chair, but Dr. P and his staff made the whole experience easier and more comfortable. To say that Dr. Phelan is a perfectionist is putting it mildly. He spent countless hours on John’s case and neither of us could believe the level of time and attention to detail he received. And the result was so worth it! John absolutely loves his new smile. Dr. Phelan and his entire staff are absolutely top-notch. We are very grateful to have him as our dentist. He is HIGHLY recommended."

By: John & Julie Miller

"Dr. Phelan has been taking care of my teeth since I was four-years-old! Over the years, he and his wonderful staff have actually made going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. I now live in Little Rock, but still make the drive down to their office because I trust they will always take the best care of me and my smile!"

By: Lauren Sudderth

"My wife and I give the highest recommendation to Dr Phelan. Our family has been going to Dr Phelan for over 30 years for all our dental needs. He and his entire staff are all very professional, caring, competent, friendly, extremely nice and accommodating. They always make us feel very comfortable. They are absolutely the best."

By: Linda & Mike Weed

"When my family moved to Benton in 1983, we began a search for a dentist who could meet our exceptionally high standards. He would have to be caring enough to understand the needs of a mother to be present with her young children (ages two and four) while in the dental chair. And he would have to be caring enough to understand the needs of a father who had not been to a dentist in fifteen years due to fear! Dr. Phelan met those two litmus tests easily! He was the only dentist in the area willing to let a mother be present with her children during dental exams. And he promised me, the father, that he would not hurt me much. In the years since, Dr. Phelan was the primary provider of dentistry to my family; even any need to see a specialist (orthodontist, dental surgeon, etc.) began with his professional recommendation. Somewhere in those years, my wife was able to let the kids go in for treatments without her presence. And I must say, without any hesitation and with no exaggeration, that Dr. Phelan never hurt me once – and that includes services such as root canals, reconstructions, fillings, and caps. I have always found it amazing that Dr. Phelan is able to provide me with the initial numbing injections without me ever seeing the needle. I have made a conscious effort to watch for it, knowing it is coming; but somehow, he executes that procedure using what I have decided to be sleight-of-hand magic. Just before administering those first shots, Dr. Phelan offers a warning that I might feel a slight prick, or that this one might sting a bit. Yet even what follows, to me, has always been totally pain free. Perhaps one of the reasons for Dr. Phelan’s ability to provide me pain-free dentistry over the decades is his chair-side manner. He has a gracious way of patting his patients on the shoulder throughout the treatment and inquiring, 'Are you okay?' He refers to his patients using first names so that we honestly become more that just patients; we become friends. Dr. Phelan practices family dentistry. For some, that phrase might simply mean that he provides dental care to every member of a family. But to me, that means so much more. Yes, he has cared for my family into our fourth decade. But we have become a part of his family in the process. And that family includes his entire staff: receptionist/executive administrator, hygienists, dental assistants -- many of whom have been with his practice even before my first visit in 1983. I feel toward these people the way I feel toward Dr. Phelan: they are friends first and foremost who also happen to be professionals that provide my family’s dental care. Before 1983, I was literally terrified at the prospect of seeing a dentist. Since 1983, because of Dr. Phelan’s practice, I can say that I genuinely look forward to my dental visits! Can you say that?"

By: Rob Young


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